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By Gagandeep Kaur  on: 16 January 2018
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Fat over your body doesn’t always mean that you are unhealthy and equally obese. Sometimes the fat only gets deposited on your belly area or waistline and you look fat. It is rightly said that it is the most common as well as most difficult fat to get rid of. The reason behind this fat gain is nothing else but your lifestyle. The lack of physical activity because of the busy schedules and the work deadlines makes the fat deposit around the waistline. There are many ways to lose the belly fat and by practicing those in your routine will help you to lose it really fast and keep healthy.

  1. Be friends with exercise – Importance of exercise is marked since ages and you have to accept it. There is nothing more effective then including the work out in your routine. It should not be limited to a desired result but it must be the part of your lifestyle. If your concern is only belly fat then no need to opt abdominal exercises. Rather choose aerobics, swimming and running & make a target of walking at least 10,000 steps a day. These will give the reduction in targeted fat area very quickly and effectively. These are the exercises responsible for providing over all weight loss, the earliest possible & there is no bouncing back thereafter. So, it is a win-win situation for you as the belly fat will fly away giving you a fit, lean and healthy body.
  2. Keeping record is must – Who says that you only need to pen down the stuff like accounts, important documents and dates etc. What, when and how much are you eating needs equal attention as well to know the root cause of this fat gain. Keep a record of your daily meals and track the calorie intake. This count and record is not to reduce your overall weight but you can work on implementing the required change in your diet plan and eating habits as required for loosing belly fat by consulting a fitness expert or nutritionist.
  3. Divorce all kind of sugar sweetened drinks and sugary products – Excess of everything is bad is most true in case of sugary drinks and food items. Sugar and artificial sweetener both are harmful to your health and just add extra kilos or fat deposits to the body. If you are sweet tooth and can’t live without sweets you have a healthy option of using stevia- a natural sweetener or fresh fruits to add sweet taste. It will charge your taste buds keeping you healthy. Add green tea or apple cider vinegar instead of smoothies or cream based drinks.
  4. Add protein and fiber & Subtract carbs from the list – Proteins and fiber both are regarded good for weight loss. Not all but only soluble fiber is effective in weight loss and cause improvement in metabolic health. Include Oats, legumes and all plant food like veggies and fruits in your diet. On the other hand protein rich diet protects you against insulin resistance and save your belly from getting layered up with fat. So, all thumbs up for eating proteins like whole eggs, nuts, meat, fish and whole grains. To get best results cook them in Coconut oil. Factually, low carb diets lead to weight loss more effectively than low fat diet. Low carb diet does not help in losing belly fat but proves to be a life savior in case type 2 diabetes.


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16 January 2018
House wives have no holiday, no sick leave and no backups! Are you the one? A typical routine that starts with right early in the morning making bed tea followed by breakfast and then lunch for kids and spouse. The day proceeds with unhealthy breakfast that is usually finished in big gulps, because there are huge tasks which are waiting for you. Next is doing household chores, with some oily snacking. TV soaps start when you feel like a bit tired and lay in front of TV. Then you make lunch for the family people. Usually, a prolonged fasting, then a late lunch in afternoon is very common. Then you get a “we” time with friends over a heavy snacks. Then, tea with spouse followed by a heavy dinner. Some sweet tooth ladies are fond of late night supper too. But have you ever thought that how stressful your routine is? Have you ever thought that how much you are taking care of your diet regimen? Where is your health and fitness? It’s a big no in many cases. A typical middle class house wife or ladies living in nuclear families rarely get time and are majorly affected. Check out how to healthy and fit, if you are house wife. Gagan’s tips for house wives to lead a healthy lifestyle: Impart your time for fitness. You cannot get fit at home by just thinking. It’s very tough; since you are psychology bound your daily regimen. Join fitness classes or start doing exercise with any of your friend. A dedicated time is always a good way out to be regular. Don’t skip meals- Usually we feel that skipping meal is the best way to get fit. It’s not. Ask fitness expert that how you can get healthy nutrition. Don’t try anything of your own. Always consult. Small Meals- Don’t take meals as a task. We think since we are busy, let’s have a heavy food once. Since you are always at home, get smaller meals but frequent one. Hunger Pranks management- Keep some healthy salads, snacks handy. On the move in the house you can have it. Don’t have carbonated water like colas. You can curd, skimmed milk, lassi and smoothies. Use stairs- Housewives usually living in societies have frequent movements in societies. Use stairs when you move. Avoid lifts. Yoga- Do yoga with your other housewives pals. Make it a routine. It helps in stress management. Don’t cheat- A small handful of sweets or chips can get you gain weight. Don’t thing it won’t make any difference. Stick to healthy diet.
16 January 2018
These days due to poor eating habits and lesser outdoor activities we are facing serious disorder of poor digestion. Check out the foods tips which can help you enhance your digestion for good health and lifestyle. Instead of refined oil use ghee in your food. Coconut oil boosts digestion and enhance immunity Have yogurt in your meals at least once a day. Apple cider vinegar 15 min before lunch More salads in pre-meals. Have divided and small meals. Remain hydrated with water intake No early morning tea. Regular exercise Manage your stress levels. Don’t skip food or change meal timings Avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine. Don’t mix solid and liquid diet.
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Dietitian/Nutritionist Gagan is North India’s leading expert on fitness and diet armed with comprehensive knowledge on every aspect of diet and nutrition and skin care as well. She has been awarded with “The Best Dietitian/Nutritionist in Chandigarh” by Governor of Haryana. Online diet plans are also available and online consultation is provided which gained huge popularity owing to excellent results ! She is the only dietitian who is also recognised as “Best Fitness Expert in Tricity”. Online diet plans are also available and online consultation is provided. Her diet patterns are not about adding fancy things to your plate... her diet platter is about adding the right nutrition in sync with your body and lifestyle.Chandigarh Based Dietitian/Nutritionist Gagan not only counsels for diet, exercise and nutrition but is emerging as a Life Coach owing to her focus on mental and spiritual growth for her clients.Her fitness and diet guidance has changed the lives of millions around the world. And the best part about being with Fitness Expert Gagan is that she is always accessible; approachable and answerable to her clients weather online clients or her regular clinic clients... simply because she cares! Most of the people come to Gagan’s fitness and diet clinic after trying many diets and fads; disappointed at the way lost weight or inches bounce back within few weeks where people discover permanent weight loss and inch loss. Gagan has now treated over 5000  of obesity , PCOD/PCOS, Hypothyroid , Diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.When you take Dietitian Gagan’s plan; you take the first step towards the biggest change of your life - a change that will change the way you look and feel; a change that will make people admire you and even follow you.It is this CHANGE only Gagan can bring in your life. Are you game?You will fall in love with the food you put on your platter; where you will discover how nutrition brings joy in one’s life and where you feel motivated to follow a healthier eating lifestyle.With Gagan’s Diet plan - you are not a loser... you end up gaining fit and toned body, confidence, energy and a healthy glow on one’s face ! Don’t forget to check our Facebook page and other website for daily CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) -Dietitian/Nutritionist Gagan is working as health partner with leading NGOs in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula..some of them are Aasman Foundation and Nirja Foundation.She is giving free consultation to poor people in villages. Apart from it you will find health articles written by him in the columns ofleading newspapers as well. Her most read article are “ Do you have 20 minutes"
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